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album is out [Feb. 5th, 2004|10:28 am]
so the album came out and of coarse i love it.. and yesterday it was me and kims some wierd monthology date and she sorta came back to me... its funny that when im on my knees she doesnt want me.. but when i act like i dont want her she comes back... the funny thing is i kinda conviced myself that i dont.. but enough about kim
the album is out and my favorite song so far is "See Deveel"
yesterday john, buddy, kim and matt came over buddy and john were doing something on the lines of a famous beatle song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and if you dont know what that means you dont need to.

i was supposed to also... but fear and anticipation grew from past expierences and the bottom line was i didn't have the balls... wow i just looked anticipation up in the dictionary to see if i was spelling it right and it has way more meaning than i had conceived
anyway... yeah.. maybe that stuff isn't for me... i remember when i was younger doing things like that wanting to know all the answers... and the second i had felt like i did the experience turned really bad..//maybe i stopped listing to my intuition

[User Picture]From: burritogirl16
2004-02-06 08:11 am (UTC)
Hey. I have no idea who you are, but you seem cool and you've added me as a friend. So I'm adding you back.

I'm Molly, by the way.

FYI - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is actually about a drawing that Julian Lennon did. The underlying drug reference came about after the song was released. Beatles addict, right here.

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[User Picture]From: burritogirl16
2004-02-08 09:24 am (UTC)


Oh hey! I just sorta skimmed the first entry, so I didn't see my name there. I'm not freaked out or anything, I'm glad you got a journal. Easy way to get to know people, y'know?

Come Together's my favorite...but I love 'em all. Watch the Grammy's tonight, apparently they're doing a big Beatles tribute. It's like the 40-year anniversary of Beatlemania or something.

Out of curiosity, why are your comments screened?
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[User Picture]From: trouble421
2004-02-10 10:47 am (UTC)
okay... i wont worry... and now there unscreened
your mom brought my grandmother food again.. that was really sweet.
when do you go to ul.. cause thats where i am right now:)i got class in like 15 min:(
some stupid study skills class.. teaching me how to study... the funny thing is.. i just got into college last semester, because of my act, i had to take that class... and that was the only one i failed:(
its easy as all hell.. just i missed too many classes... never again.. will i ever take that dumb class.....
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